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Spring Fling VoxBox Review

*Disclaimer: Everything in this post was given to me complimentary from Influenster. However, this post contains my 100% honest opinions and thoughts, as all of my posts do.

I got another VoxBox from Influenster!! For those of you unfamiliar with Influenster, they're this awesome company that helps you voice your opinion on products. If you're lucky they'll send you a free box of products to try in exchange for reviews. It's a fun program and I love trying all of the things they send me as well as completing all of the tasks and challenges. I've been working with them for two years now and it has been a great experience! If you would like to join the Influenster website, I have available invites! Send me an email or comment below with your email address if you would like to be invited (you must be actually serious about it).

Here is everything that I received in my box!

•Rimmel London Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara
•Kiss Everlasting French Nails
•Peach Pie Car Freshener from the Labor Day movie
•Playtex Sport Fresh Balance tampons
•Nivea skin Firming Hydration Lotion 

Some lucky people also go the new Softlips cube in their box. Sadly I wasn't one of them :( .

Now, onto my thoughts on each item:

                 Rimmel London Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara in Extreme Black 003

I have tried another ScandalEyes mascara (which I love) so I was really excited to try this one! Especially since it is supposed to be a super volumizing mascara.

Packaging claims:
"bold, wide eyed look. No clumps"
"Exclusive hourglass brush shaped to the lash line to plump lashes, fanning them up and out for bold, wide-eyed volume."
"Coats lashes individually for big, false lash look in one simple stroke. No clumps!"

I'm not sure if this would be classified as a claim, but the packaging also informs that this is a suitable mascara for sensitive eyes. 

But did this mascara live up to its claims??

Picture from my personal instagram of the mascara in my cluttered train case
It mostly did! This mascara gave me so much volume! That paired with my already long eyelashes made my lashes look like false lashes! It definitely made my eyes look wider. My only complaint: clumps. I did get some small clumps and too much product settles at the tip of the brush. But this can be fixed by squeezing a tissue around the brush to take off excess mascara. It stayed all day with minor running (due to sweat on a humid day). I absolutely loved this mascara, it is even better than the regular ScandalEyes. I really liked the shape of the brush, which was a nicely sized hourglass shape. It felt like it hugged my lashes. I actually liked it better than some of the high end mascaras I've tried. I think I've found a new favorite!

                                                         Kiss Everlasting French Nails

I went pretty in depth with this review, so it will be posted separately right after this post is up.

                                                        Peach Pie Car Freshener

This was in my voxbox as a gift from  Paramount Pictures in honor of the movie Labor Day (that romance movie starring Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin) coming to DVD and blu-ray. I have not seen the movie, it does not seems like my cup of tea (I much prefer a horror movie or a Studio Ghibli film). This was a nice surprise though. Not much to review here. The air Freshener looks like a pie and smells like peaches. Not a strong scent. I don't drive, so I put this air Freshener in front of my air conditioner. Sometimes I will get a faint whiff of peaches but nothing strong.

                                                   Playtex Sport Fresh Balance tampons

Okay, I'll be up front. I felt weird and even a little embarrassed about reviewing tampons. It after all isn't something most women discuss. But, we are (I'm assuming) all ladies here and we shouldn't be embarrassed to discuss feminine hygiene products. This review will be done in a tasteful way, (no worries of any grossness!).

I am not a tampon person, as they just aren't comfortable to me but I will use them in emergencies or when needed. These particular ones are regular absorbency. They are also scented "lightly". I wouldn't say they are lightly scented, as soon as I opened the box I smelled them. I can even smell them through a closed box. I personally did not like the scent, to me it smelled like laundry detergent.

Packaging claims:
"360 degree protection + odor shield"
"360 sport level protection tampon design to fit your body and its every move for a protective leakage barrier"
"Flexfit interlocking fibers work quickly to trap leaks"
"Odor shield technology designed to neutralize odors"
"Contoured applicator for precise, comfortable, precise placement"

Did the tampons live up to these expectations?

It did indeed live up to the odor shield promise. However, it did not completely trap leaks. I do not play sports and on a normal day (especially during that time of month) I don't do anything extremely strenuous. They did not absorb and preform as I expected them to. I did not like these tampons and would only use them in an emergency.

                                                  Nivea Skin Firming Hydration Lotion

Lotion on my bookshelf. Yes, that is a Daenerys Targaryen figure. I am a big fan of the Khaleesi! And yes, Manga underneath if you look closely.

I use lotion a lot and Nivea is a brand I trust (they make my go to lip balm) so I was happy to see this product.

The scent is pleasant and not overpowering. It also feels nice on the skin and soaks in rapidly.

Packaging claims:
"Improves skin's firmness in as little as 2 week"
"co-enzyme Q10 and hydra IQ deep long  lasting moisture"
"Skin Firming Hydration Body Lotion with Co-Enzyme Q10 Complex and HYDRA IQ technology firms and tightens skin's surface in as little as two weeks. Use daily for softer, smoother more toned skin.

Did it live up to these promises?

Yes and no.

This lotion is very moisturizing. The moisture is very long lasting and seemingly deep penetrating. I really liked this lotion! But I did not notice firmer skin. However as a lotion alone this is great.

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