Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Lush Dream Cream mini review

Hello lovelies! I apologize for neglecting the blog lately. I am dealing with some personal matters and some family matters right now. Things are going to get more difficult for me soon, so posts may be spotty but as always I will do my best to post often. I hope you all understand! I'm really hoping to queue some posts so that something will be posted when I'm not able to do it myself.

 Today I am sharing a mini review with you all! This isn't a full review, it isn't in depth and won't have pictures. I'm just excited to talk about a product I got a sample of, I couldn't wait to do a full review.

I love Lush (as you probably know by now). I always browse through their website before I plan to go to the Lush store in the mall I go to. I like to keep a list of products I want to look at and sample (I do the same with Sephora).  During one browse session, I discovered that this lotion, Dream Cream helps with eczema

I get horrible eczema outbreaks in the summer, not much helps it. I don't like to get prescription creams to keep it at bay, as they can be really harsh on the skin. So I got a sample of this during a Lush trip and it went into the back of my sample drawer until  last week, when I got my first outbreak of the summer. It REALLY helped!!

I had 2 small outbreaks, so I put a little bit if the lotion onto these areas before going to bed. When I got up the next day, the spots were 80 or 90% gone and they didn't itch all day!! A little lotion goes a long way. It is super moisturizing, it kind of feels like an ointment but it is a cream. Since using this lotion, my outbreaks haven't been as bad as they normally are.

I am definitely buying this product! I really wanted to share this with you all in case any of you suffer from eczema and struggle to find products that work. This one worked for me, I suggest trying it! Even if you have super dry skin, it will be great for you.

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