Monday, June 23, 2014

Kiss Everlasting French Nails review

 *Disclaimer: Everything in this post was given to me complimentary from Influenster. However, this post contains my 100% honest opinions and thoughts, as all of my posts do.

Hello lovelies! To continue my reviews from the Influenster Spring Fling VoxBox (you can read the first post here: I am reviewing the Kiss Everlasting French nails. I did a separate review for this one because of how long this review turned out to be. 

This is another product from the voxbox that I was excited to try. I love the Kiss Impress nails. Although I do not ever wear French nails (I prefer bold colored nails) this was a nice change.

These are glue on nails, not press on. A lot of people would have problems with this, but I have a little experience with fake nails and glue (ever lose the little stickers that come with press on nails??) so this wasn't a problem for me. The kit I received was in the length real short, which I thought would be perfect for me. Sadly they were still too long for my nails. I keep my nails very short, as I go a little crazy when they get much longer.

So how is this different than any other press on/glue on nails? These have tabs on them for easy application, which I really like. Each tab is numbered, so that you can easily find the matching nails. It also claims to be long lasting.

Hehe, if you look closely enough, you can see the line where my actual nails end

Packaging claims:
"Guaranteed no chip"
"Patented rich, white tip won't chip, crack or wear away for 7 days of normal wear"

The kit comes with 28 nails in 14 different sizes so you can find the perfect for for your nails. It also contains nail glue, so no need to buy your own. Also noted that on the bottom right corner on the back of the package, this is information about a demo video. A little nail file and cuticle pusher were included as well.

There aren't any additional instructions besides those on the back I'd the box. As the instructions are very simplistic, here are my tips:

  • Make sure nails are 100% free of any nail polish
  • Wipe nails with running alcohol or nail polish remover before applying anything, this will help the glue and nails adhere better, as the oils on your nails will be stripped away.
  • Push back your cuticles. This makes for a more comfortable and better looking wear.
  • Do one hand at a time. Just trust me on this one, application will be easier and smoother.
  • When pulling the tabs off, hold the nail down. This keeps your newly applied nails from being pulled off or any glue being loosened.
  • Do your thumbs at the very end. Application will be easier and smoother if you do so.
  • Make sure nail is the exact size of your nail or even a little bit smaller. If you wear a nail larger than your real nails, it is more likely to get caught on things and torn off.

Also another neat little tidbit: I was able to paint over these nails. After testing them out, I painted them with nail polish and even shaped them! So even though I am not a big fan of French nails, it is nice that I can paint over these and shape them however I want. This factor makes me want to buy them.

How did these nails live up to the claims? Did they meet my expectations?

They definitely went on easily with the tabs, but the tabs even had their downfall. Some wouldn't twist off all the way (as pictured here:

) so I had to cut the remainder off with nail clippers.

As for 7 days of wear...within 3 days of me applying these, I lost an index finger nail and a thumb nail. I didn't do anything strenuous to cause me to lose them. I was able to glue them back on only to lose 2 or 3 more nails. Most of the nails did stay on the entire week, but I would not say that this is the best nail glue. So they didn't fully meet my expectations. The nails themselves are very sturdy, so no problems with breaking.

If you like french nails, I was recommend this kit or even if you want some fake nails to paint on. I would, however buy a better glue to use with them.

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