Friday, February 14, 2014

Skin79 Orange BB cream review and comparison

I received a sample of this when I originally bought my Skin79 Hot Pink BB cream last year (you can read that review here). It had been sitting in my sample drawer for some time when I finally pulled it out and tried it.

The color is lighter than the hot pink BB cream, it also has more of a yellow undertone where the hot pink BB cream starts with a grey undertone. Once applied it does completely oxidize to match my skin tone. This BB cream is matte (the hot pink BB has a dewy finish). It has a  medium coverage which is also very buildable since it is matte. I have found that this covers my redness better than the Hot Pink BB cream. It brightens and contains SPF 50, which is perfect for my fair skin that burns easily.

                                 (Back of the package listing all of the benefits and directions)

Here is a little comparison between the products to make it easier:

Orange:      SPF 50    Matte   Yellow undertone    Lighter color  Medium coverage  More buildable

Hot Pink:    SPF 25   Dewy    Grey undertone                           Medium coverage

The packaging is the same as the hot pink BB cream, except of course it is orange. I love the pump packaging, it looks very sleek and it is very sanity. Not to mention a lot easier to get product out.

You don't need to use a lot of product. I found out that I had been using way too much product with my Hot Pink BB cream. It applies best with clean fingers. I find that it blends and matches my skin tone better when using hands over using a brush or sponge. But if you don't want to apply with your hands, I suggest using a stipple sponge.

Lasting power is good, it won't last the entire day on a hot day, especially when you would sweat. You would need a touch up. It does last way better with the use of a setting spray.

I love this BB cream so much that I had to buy it. I still love the hot pink, but I feel that this matches my skin tone even better and it is great for when I don't feel like having a dewy finish.

If you are looking to try a good BB cream, turn to a Korean one. They are so much better than the American versions. Also, depending on which one you chose they are often cheaper. I recommend Skin79. If you are on a budget or don't want to spend a lot of money on a BB cream to try, I recommend one from Holika Holika. Most American BB creams are just basically tinted moisturizers. Korean BB creams have a lot of added skincare benefits. Trust me, you need to try one.

Something to keep in mind: When buying Korean beauty products, buy directly from the brand or a trusted seller. Some products, are bootlegs. Skin79 is one brand that does get bootlegged a lot. If you buy from the brand, or a trusted seller with a high rating you should be fine. All of the Skin79 BB creams come with authenticity labels. This is how you know you have an authentic product. Their labels also happen to show you if the product is opened or not.

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