Monday, May 5, 2014

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion +

For a Christmas present to myself, I decided to invest in a good moisturizer. It is always a good idea to invest in good quality skin care. If you're going to invest in just one thing, go for a good moisturizer. After sampling a few different ones from Sephora, I fell in love with this one.

This is a highly raved about product and a must have for many. Wondering why? Read on.

It is very hydrating without being oily. It goes on very smoothly and doesn't leave a heavy feeling. It is a great moisturizer for anyone with dry skin. It is even great for those with normal skin or combination (if you have oily skin, they make this in a gel moisturizer). It also absorbs into the skin quickly.  You also don't need to use a lot. I use between a pump and a pump and a half.

Since using this, I have noticed my skin being more soft, smooth and hydrated. I don't get any more dry patches.

It is packaged in a simple pump bottle (or tube if you get the travel size). I love how simple the packaging is and hygienic.

It comes in a few different sizes. What I love is that even though this is a high quality moisturizer, it doesn't break the bank. I bought the $26 (4.2 fl. oz) bottle from Sephora's website and I was so surprised at how much product I got for the price! It is a really good sized bottle, this bottle will last me a long time.

It is great for sensitive skin and is fragrance free. As someone who is starting to get more into high end skin care products, this is a great product to start out with. 

When I purchased this, I got a deluxe sample size of Tarte Maracuja oil (if anyone wants a review of it, I will write one), I love mixing a drop or two with this moisturizer. So this is a great moisturizer to mix oils (Maracuja, Argan, ect.) with.

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