Friday, April 4, 2014

Ordering Korean Makeup + Haul

Disclaimer: Everything in this post was purchased with my own money and is completely my own thoughts and experiences.

If any of you follow me on my personal tumblr or my twitter you'll know that I watch Korean dramas (Kdramas) a lot. As I did when I first started getting into anime (with Japan) , I got really into learning about Korean culture. Of course one aspect that drew me in: Korean beauty.

The only Korean beauty products I had used were BB creams, so I decided to do a little research. I soon became immersed and obsessed with Korean makeup. So I decided to order some. It can be a little overwhelming and a little frightening trying to order something especially makeup from another county. This is why I'm sharing my experiences with two online stores to help those of you that want to order some Korean makeup but are afraid or unsure of where to order.

There are many product similarities with American and Korean cosmetics, one major difference I discovered is that Korean cosmetics have the cutest packaging! Cute packaging and great products? What isn't there to love?

This haul consists of 3 orders, 2 from an amazon seller called Emunah and 1 from a Korean cosmetics website called Jolse ( ).

Here are my Emunah amazon orders:

I bought 2 of the Etude House Sweet Recipe All Over Color. I got the colors Peach Sugar Cake and Blueberry Cheesecake. I was given 2 samples with each order.

The samples I received from both orders: Etude House Precious Mineral Cotton Fit BB cream (3 packets) and Etude House Collagen Moistfull Enriched Cream (1 packet).

Here is my Jolse order:

I bought 2 Etude House Lovely Cookie Blushers. I got the shades Strawberry Choux and Plum Mousse Cake. I was given 3 samples per item (that's 6 samples total) and a little pack of oil blotting paper.

The samples I received in this order: Tonymoly Tomatox (3 packets), Perfumed Body Classic Essence (1 packet), Tonymoly I'm Real Aloe Soothing Lotion (1 packet) and Tonymoly Dr. tony AC Control Acne Cleansing Foam (1 packet).

Both are really great places to buy Korean makeup. Amazon is a good place to buy as long as you check into seller ratings and go with a highly rated, reliable seller. Emunah is a highly rated seller. APoly is also another one I've heard great things about. With my Emunah orders, I didn't get tracking but my orders arrived in about 2 weeks which is pretty fast. They also have me 2 free samples with each order. What's nice about ordering from amazon is if you're wary about using a credit card to buy something from a foreign country, you can always use amazon gift cards. They packed everything very, very well so you do not need to worry about delicate powders of blushes breaking.

Jolse is probably my favorite place to buy Korean cosmetics. They have a HUGE selection from makeup to skin care. There always seems to be a sale going on and all of the prices are very reasonable. Shipping is always free, but if you want tracking you will need to pay an extra $2.50.  I highly recommend paying for the tracking code. The postal service lost my package, I luckily got it though. If I didn't pay for tracking I probably never would have been able to track it down.

The shipping is a little slow, but normal and reasonable for where it is coming from. It took nearly a month for my package to get to me, but it was also lost for a week or so. The average amount of time to is  17-20 days.

Jolse accepts payment through PayPal so it is completely secure. They are very generous with samples, you also can get free gifts and even free tracking if you make a purchase of a certain amount. What's even cooler is Jolse has a points program. If you spend $20 then you can use your points to get money off. You earn points with each order and if you register with their site you get 300 (equivalent to $3) for free.

They also have great customer service, any question I had were answered quickly and their customer service rep is very sweet! I asked if it were possible to be given certain samples with an order, even though they told me they most likely can't fulfill my request due to whatever samples they have in stock, I was given 3 of the ones I asked for (Tonymoly Tomatox)!

Overall both experiences were very positive (my lost package mishap was completely the usps's fault) and I definitely plan to buy more products from both places. I am definitely a Korean cosmetics addict now! Want to see what the Lovely Cookie Blushers and All Over Colors look like?? Stay tuned for my reviews of both, coming very soon!

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