Friday, March 28, 2014

March Glambag Review

It's that time! For those of you not familiar, a glambag is a monthly beauty subscription service that sends you 4-5 products (full sized and deluxe sample sized. No packets here) in a makeup bag for just $10 a month! If you want one of your own, please be amazing and use my referral link: .If you use it, you'll get a thank you shoutout on the blog (both here and tumblr).

Normally each month there are 5 products, but this month everyone recieved only 4. The theme was destination beauty. I personally don't like the bag print. This print was done by a local artist for Ipsy (the company that sells glambags). Even though I don't like it, someone put a lot of time and effort into it.
Here are the products that I received this month and my thoughts on each:

Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie lipstick in Get Ready (deluxe sample)

I have wanted to try Bare Minerals for a while but none of their products jumped out at me or justified me splurging to try something. I was so excited to try this lipstick. First off, how cute is this little lipstick? It is a beautiful sort of rosey pink color. I feel that this color would work on everyone. I normally like wearing bold and bright lip colors, so this isn't a color I would have picked on my own. I love it though, it is a beautiful color. It goes on nicely and it is creamy. The color lasted a few hours.

Nyx Love In Rio palette (full sized)

I love Nyx eyeshadows and know them well. I have loved everything I have ever tried from Nyx. As expected, this little palette is great! It contains 3 neutral shades. Each one is very pigmented and lasts. Nyx makes probably the best affordable eyshadows I have ever used.

Chella Indigo Eyeliner (full sized)

At first, I wasn't too crazy about this eyeliner. I have blue eyes, so I don't wear blue eye products. This eyeliner is an eyeliner pen. It has a felt-marker like tip instead of a brush. This I really like, it makes it easy and quick to apply the liner. The blue of this liner is a deeper shade, so it is wearable and did look good with my blue eyes. It does last all day. I just hope it doesn't dry out as quickly as eyeliner pens like this in my experience have. I'm not sure if Chella makes eyeliner like this in other colors, if so and if it doesn't dry out fast I would for sure buy one. 

Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer (deulxe sample)

To be honest, I didn't expect much from this product at first. I was completely wrong, it is amazing! The tube I was given is a really good size. It retails on pixi's website for $9, the full size is $22. You don't need a ton of product with this primer. It is the consistency of a lotion. I applied it under BB cream. It made my skin look beautiful. I had a gorgeous glow that I have always wanted to get. It gave me a glow without making me look like a glitter ball. My makeup stayed all day with this. I definitely want the full sized. For now though, I bought another tube of the sample sized online

Overall I really liked this bag. I can't wait for the April (my birthday month!) Bag.

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