Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Elf liquid foundation review

Happy new year lovelies! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. I apologize for the lack of posts lately, between the seasonal job I was working and the holidays I was super busy. I won't be posting a review of the December Glambag. Most of the products I haven't been able to try and I don't want to post something without full effort put into it. That being said, here is a review I've been meaning to post for a while.

Although I use a variety of foundations, liquid is my  favorite  and the type I use the most. So of course I tried Elf's.

The foundation comes in a pump bottle (please ignore the mess of my bottle), which I love. It's so much better than having to pour out the foundation and  hoping it doesn't spill everywhere. It is also more sanitary. The cap of this actually stays on, too (take some notes, elf face primer). The bottle is also pretty sturdy. The pump I have noticed can get stuck a little sometimes but it isn't really a problem, it does go back to normal.

There is a pretty good shade range but the colors are off and too dark. My go to foundation is Revlon Colorstay in Ivory, it is my perfect shade. For the Elf liquid foundation, I use their shade in porcelain (the lightest shade available), which isn't really porcelain at all. It is dark on me. It is also yellow undertoned which isn't ideal for a person with cool pink undertones like me. I don't use this foundation often, but I will use this from time to time, in the summer so that I look less pale. If I wear this in the winter, you can really tell that it is too dark. If your skin is more medium shaded, you will probably have an easier time with these foundations. But if you are as light skinned as me, you should probably skip this.

Here is a dot of the Elf foundation on my skin, unblended:

Here it is blended:

It is important to note that this foundation is oil free and it does contain SPF 15. SPF is very important and I really do like foundations that contain it, it saves me that extra step of applying sunscreen before my foundation.

It has a smooth consistency and has pretty good medium coverage. It isn't matte, it has a dewy finish. With primer it does last all day, but when I don't wear primer I will notice it beginning to wear off after a while.

Overall this is a good foundation especially for the price ($6) but it isn't my favorite nor the best. The formula is good, but the color choices not so much. I am not the only person that has complained of this, I hope someday Elf realizes this problem and makes some better shades.

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