Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Lime Crime Velvetines Review

I have been excited about this product ever since it was first announced. I missed out on getting it the first time it was released. When the second wave of Velvetines was released I jumped at the chance and bought them. I have had these since April, but I really wanted to test these out well before I reviewed them.

Velvetines are liquid matte lipsticks. They come in three; Suedeberry (a retro red, kind of strawberry coral red.), Pink velvet (a bright pink) and Red Velvet (a beautiful rich red color). Featured in this review are Suedeberry and Red Velvet.

The box that Suedeberry and Red Velvet come in looks like this:

If you open the box all the way, it folds out to reveal instructions and tips on applying. I'm not sure if Pink Velvet will have this, from what I've seen the look of it is pretty different.

I love the packaging, although I expected these to be bigger than they are. It comes in a tube like a lip gloss and has a doe foot applicator. I really like the applicator, it makes it easy to apply.

The formula and thin consistency reminds me of OCC lip tars. These dry completely matte. They can feel a little drying, so put a little bit of lip balm on before applying. The colors are very pigmented, one swipe and you have full opacity. They smell wonderful, like vanilla cupcakes.

The lasting power is amazing as long as you don't eat anything greasy. If you eat anything with oils or greasiness then it will come off. But whenever I just drank or ate non-greasy foods the Velvetines stayed wonderfully! Sometimes I feel like they have even better staying power than OCC lip tars (and those have some great staying power).

I did a few things to test out lasting power and I have a timeline as well. One day I went on a trip with a friend to a large mall that was about an hour away. I applied some Too Faced lip Insurance primer with a velvetine on top around 8:30 am. About 9:30-10:00 I had a muffin, even wiped my mouth with a napkin a few times and it did not budge. I drank water throughout the day and it still didn't budge. Around 12:30 we stopped for lunch. I had something greasy, which wiped off most of the Velvetine. From there I just completely cleaned off the primer and Velvetine.

After lunch (about 1:30ish) I reapplied the Velvetine WITHOUT primer. I drank water throughout the day and it did not budge. I didn't do any touch ups. By the time I got home around 7:30 pm it still looked perfect! It even lasted through my dinner and did not budge until I washed it off myself with a makeup remover wipe (probably around 8:30 or 9:00 pm). I really hope that this shows just how well these last! I should also add that I at points had forgotten that I was even wearing anything on my lips. It is very light weight. It wasn't overly drying to me at all.

I absolutely love Lime Crime's velvetines. They're worthy of the hype for sure! I can't wait to get Pink Velvet!

You can buy (when they are in stock that is) velvetines from Lime Crime (  for $20 plus shipping, unless you spend $50 then shipping is free. They used to be $18, but Lime Crime had a price increase in November 2013. I buy my velvetines from amazon from an amazing seller that gets their products directly from Lime Crime.

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