Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Review: SweetPea and Fay Etui Lip Joule

I have been wanting to try SweetPea and Fay's liquid lipsticks for some time. While browsing online for an out of the box lipstick color for Halloween time I found this Lip Joule in Lottery Bride (a bright blue/teal color)


This particular product is part of a limited edition product collection released this summer called Etui for makeup artist Lina Toro. Although limited edition, you can find it on, which is where I purchased my Lip Joule.
I assume that the Lip Joules are just like or at least similar to the brand's normal liquid lipsticks (which they call J'adore Les Levres). If so, I would definitely buy more.

It comes in a tube with a slanted applicator, the packaging is much like OCC's old packaging for their lip tars. The tube comes in a small sealed bag and little brush, like how OCC lip tars are sold at Sephora. The bag is a thinner plastic, but it is larger than what the lip tars are sold in which I like. It makes it easier to get the contents out. The lip brush isn't so great. It is very flimsy, the head of the brush will come off of the plastic handle. The brush head could be larger and the bristles separate. It is nice to have a little brush with it, even if that brush isn't good quality. The brush quality isn't a huge deal to me, I have other brushes I can apply this product with.

 The product its self is thicker and creamier than OCC lip tars. It isn't runny. The thicker consistency makes it slightly easier to work with. It also isn't as drying as some lip tars may be. A little bit goes a long way, so I wouldn't recommend applying directly from the applicator. It is very pigmented. Feels very lightweight. Once dried, it will last all day unless eating. When I drank there was little to no transfer, but while eating and using a napkin the product indeed did come off.

There is a good amount of product, the tube is completely filled. The ingredients are clearly listed on the back of the tube. The color name and the fact that this product wasn't tested on animals is also printed.

One thing I also feel the need to inform anyone reading this is not to buy this product directly from SweetPea and Fay's website.  I have heard so many things about people having trouble with their orders through them. Amazon does have many of their products at very reasonable prices, I highly suggest buying through there. I also know of a great seller to buy these products from on amazon. If you would like the seller name, just leave a comment or email me.

Overall, I love this product. It is great quality and reasonably priced. I would definitely buy more.

To see more of SweetPea and Fay's products (including more liquid lipstick colors), go to .

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