Friday, September 27, 2013

September Glam Bag review

It's the end of the month, know what that means? It's time for my review of this month's glambag (well obviously once you read the title). If you would like your own bag with 4 - 5 full and deluxe sized products for just $10 a month, please please please sign up using my refferal link ( ). If you do, I will give you a thank you shoutout.

Each month's bag has a theme, this month's was classic beauty. I don't think all of the product options given fit the theme, but all off the products i got sure do. I love the bag its self, it is a beautiful blue color with a cute pattern. I actually am currently using it as my purse makeup bag.
Anyway, on to the products. 


Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm in Big Apple
*Full sized 

I'm going to get this out of the way first: Cailyn majorly mislabeled this product. It is nowhere near anything like a tinted lip balm. It is not moisturizing at all and it is way too pigmented to be a balm. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, I really did love this product. It is a lipstick in a pot that comes with a built in brush. The packaging is exactly like the Cailyn gel eyeliners  but in a different color. For a lipstick it is pretty bulky, but it is nice that the brush is attached so that it won't get lost.

Big Apple is a gorgeous matte (yes, matte) red. I have many reds but only one other matte one so this was definitely welcomed. Application was a breeze. It went on nicely and is very pigmented. It feels so lightweight that I nearly forgot I was wearing it. It can be pretty drying though (like most matte lipsticks). Lasting power was great until I ate. Overall I absolutely loved this product even though it is labeled as a tinted lip balm.

Nyx Single Eyeshadow in Morocco
*Full sized

I love Nyx and own several of their products. I own many of their eyeshadows. They are always very pigmented and non chalky. Blend great and stay. They come in so many different colors and finishes. Also you can't beat the price. The shade I got is a beautiful deep purple. I love the packaging of these eyeshadows, they're very compact and the lid to it is attached so you don't have to worry about losing it.

 Elizabeth Mott It's So Big Volumizing Mascara
*Deluxe sample sized

I had high hopes for this mascara. It claims to be a very volumizing mascara, which I need. Many mascaras I've tried just lengthen, my eyelashes are already long and do not need length but volume. This mascara does volumize a bit, but not as much as I'd hoped for. The very end of the brush gets clumpy but that is fixable. The formula and color seem nice. For me this was an ok mascara. Nothing phenomenal that I absolutely have to buy.

Butter London Nail Laquer in LA Moss
*Deluxe sample size

I have wanted to try some Butter London nail polish for the longest time, but the steep price tag has always held me back. I nearly literally jumped for joy when I saw this product in my glam room. I thought it would be a full size, but I'm not at all disappointed in the size. I have heard mixed things about Butter London polishes. Many people say they're great. But when I saw the comments on the Butter London page on Ipsy for this month's bag people were saying it chipped easily.I knew as soon as I saw the color, that I couldn't compare the formula to any of their other shades. The higher amount of pigment in darker/deeper nail polish shades cause them to chip more easily. This is something to keep in mind when trying out dark polishes.

LA Moss is a beautiful deep berry red. In the bottle I thought it would be an Oxblood color, but it has more berry tones. It went on fairly easily and pigmented. But, with such a deep color it took 3 or 4 coats to get the color as deep as it looked in the bottle. I was very impressed by how long it lasted, especially for a deeper color. It did not chip for at least a day or two then I got very minor chipping. I will definitely be trying more from this brand someday. I absolutely love the formula (it is three free as well) and the color.

Starlooks Obsidian Kohl Eye Pencil in Onyx

I mostly wear gel eyeliner, even in the outer rims of my waterline. I do sometimes use eyeliner pencils. My favorite eye pencil being Urban Decay's 24/7 liner. Compared to that, I absolutely did not like this eyeliner. It dragged and I could not get it to draw a straight line. I had to smudge it to get the liner on all the way. It wasn't creamy as I come to expect from eyeliners. It for me also ran. However, I gave this to my mom and she loved it. She applies her eyeliner to her waterline and she says that it stays on and it works great for her.

There was also a sample in my bag from Michelle Phan's new makeup line, Em cosmetics. This particular sample is from the Life Palette: Career Life. It is labeled look 4 natural talent. It contains 3 eyeshadow colors and a blush. The eyeshadows are pigmented and blend very nicely. The blush is very pigmented and does blend nicely as well.

I liked this bag. Although I was disappointed by some products I really loved the Cailyn tinted lip balm (lipstick), the Butter London nail polish and of course the Nyx eyeshadow.

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