Friday, July 12, 2013

Not Your Mother's Girl Powder Volumizing Hair Powder review

My hair doesn't have much volume. In high school I used to (attempt to) tease my hair. It was always time consuming, included mass amounts of hairspray and it just didn't look great. I really wish that I knew about products like Girl Powder back then!

Girl Powder is a volumizing hair powder. It is essentially a tease in a bottle. No teasing comb needed and your hair won't look like a rat's nest. Simply unscrew the top, sprinkle a little powder at the roots of your hair where you want volume then lift and fluff up. Now you're done and have instant volume.

The packaging is cute, which is what I expect from Not Your Mother's. It comes in a shake bottle with holes at the top for product to come out of. It is extremely light weight. It feels as if it's empty. The cap secures well, so this is a good product to travel with. It can easily fit into a purse. The product its self is a very lightweight, fine powder.

This is such a great product. Not only does it work but it's super cheap.  I have loved every single Not Your Mother's product that I've tried and this is no exception. Your tease will last a long time, though you may need to fluff it a little more as the day goes on.

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