Thursday, June 6, 2013

Secret Outlast Clear Gel Antipersperant/Deodorant Review

Disclaimer: The smaller size of the product  mentioned in this review was given to me complimentary by Influenster.

Not going to lie, I was excited when I saw this in my VoxBox. I will admit that I needed a new deodorant. I really wanted to purchase the Secret Stress Response that I reviewed from the last VoxBox ( but it is expensive. So I have been looking for a good alternative...and here it is!

Secret Outlast Clear Gel as the name entails is a clear gel deodorant. It goes on and stays clear, so there are zero white marks. It is incredibly great that a deodorant like this exists because I've been getting tired of white marks on my clothing.

As I did last time, I used this deodorant at many different times to give it a fair test. I used is before bed, in the morning, on comfortable temperature days and very hot days. Every time, my underarms remained dry. The packing claims that it has 48 hour wetness and odor protection. I don't feel that it lasts for 48 hours, but it definitely lasts a long amount of time.

This deodorant smells great. The scent doesn't last as long as I would like, but it protects from odor very well.  Compared to Secret Stress Response this is a steal. I actually bought this after trying and I'm so glad I did, at $4.59 this is a steal!

Here is the deodorant Influenster gave me and the one that I bought. The store I purchased this at didn't have the completely clean scent so I had to settle for protecting powder.

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