Friday, May 24, 2013

Benefit Fake Up Concealer Review

I have seen so much hype and raving about this product since its release. I am usually pretty skeptical when it comes to concealers. Let's face it, many do not live up to our expectations. This particular concealer I was a bit skeptical with at first.

Fake Up is unlike any concealer I have ever seen. For those of you unfamiliar with it, it is an under eye concealer in stick form surrounded by a hydrator (moisturizer). Benefit claims that this concealer will not crease, cake or settle into lines. It contains vitamin E and apple seed extract. After two of my friends told me how much they loved this concealer I decided that I needed to try it for myself. I did just that and got a sample of it during one of my recent Sephora trips. The shade I will be talking about is Light.

After using this concealer for a few weeks instead of what I normally use under my eyes, I have to say it does live up to the hype! It is a very creamy, non-heavy concealer. It blends and feels like a dream. You don't need too much product, be careful not to use too much. It does all that it claims to: I haven't ever gotten any settling or creasing. It also hydrates extremely well.

The coverage is medium coverage. It will cover most under eye darkness. I have a really dark spot under one eye that it will not completely cover no matter how much I put on. Do not let that discourage you from trying this product. I was actually impressed with the amount of coverage I did happen to get. You don't want anything with heavy coverage under yours eyes, that is when you get caking and creasing. I should also add that this is an easy product to use and it is great for people on the go or that do not have a lot of time to apply their makeup.

I don't have any swatch pictures because it blended into my skin while doing swatches so well it was hard to tell where the concealer actually was.

Over all, I think Benefit did a great job with this product. There actually hasn't been a Benefit product that I've used that I have disliked. Fake Up is a great under eye concealer. I liked it so much that I bought it during my next Sephora trip after getting the sample.

I have saved my thoughts on the packaging until the end of this review, it is gorgeous! The box that Fake up is in is cute. Very feminine and eye catching. Inside there is more information on the product and instructions on how to use it. The packaging of the product its self is just as gorgeous. It definitely stands out in my train case.

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