Thursday, April 4, 2013

Nails By Vicky: Easter Nails

I am sorry for this late Easter nail post but things got very hectic here at school so I was not able to write up a post until this weekend. This will not be a normal tutorial however I will show you what I used and how I did the nail art for my statement nail. 

This time for my nails I wanted to do a Easter design, so I decided to do Robin's egg nails with my statement nail being a bunny.

(I took this picture right after finishing up so I had not yet had the chance to clean up the edges. Also when I applied the top coat part of the bunnies mouth came off even though I had waited for it to dry. Just be very careful with your nail art and make sure that it is completely dry before applying any kind of top coat.)

For this design I used:

  • My normal top coat and base coat
  • Illamasqua Speckled Blue (Sephora $16) for the Robin's Egg look

  • For the bunny design: I used Blackheart white nail polish (Hot Topic $5)

  • To make the nose I used a pink. Specifically ELF Fab Fuchsia (ELF $2) (I believe that this color was discontinued but they have a new color called Flirty Fuchsia which is very similar.)

This was a somewhat more difficult design for me because I had never made a bunny before. However they are very easy to do once you know how. 
To create the bunny:
  • Paint a couple of coats of white nail polish.
  • Then to make it easier to center everything, using a dotting tool or a thin brush draw a small rectangular nose using the pink. 
  • Next, using a nail art pen or nail art polish in black make two dots for the eyes above the nose, two lines on either side of the nose to make the whiskers and make a kind of wave design for the mouth. 
If you have trouble following my directions please look at the picture below (the only difference is that I am making the whole nail white instead of making ears.)

(This picture is from

Again I am so sorry that it took me so long to create this post, but college life has been driving me a little crazy. I will try to create another post about a Relay for Life design for next week if I can.

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