Friday, March 29, 2013

ELF Mineral Infused Face Primer Review

If you've been following this blog from the very beginning you will know that I absolutely love Elf. It (next to Nyx) is my favorite drugstore brand.

If you don't know about Elf (eyes lips face), they are this great brand that has just about any type of product you can think of at low prices. Most of their products are in a $1-$3 range. They have three different lines: the essential, the studio and the mineral. Yes...mineral. They have mineral eye shadows at just $3! Most of their products are great quality and many are comparable to higher end products.

When I went to  cosmetology school I learned about so many different products that I didn't have and I wanted everything! I didn't have a lot of money to build up my personal kit but luckily I found Elf! Any time I have introduced a client to a new product (such as primer) or even to makeup in general I refer them to start with elf. It is a great brand to start with and if they don't use the product much or at all they didn't blow a lot of money.

Now, onto the review. Elf Mineral Infused  Face Primer is the only face primer that Elf makes. It comes in 4 varieties: clear, tone adjusting green, brightening lavender and radiant glow. This review will be on the clear one.

(Please ignore the scratches on the cap, these pictures are from the opened bottle that I keep in my train case, not a brand new one)

This primer comes in a convenient pump bottle. I like it, but it can be difficult to tell how much product you have which sucks when you're running low. The pump does screw off though which does make it easier. The plastic cap could use some improvement, it doesn't always stay on.  When I used to store my every day makeup in a makeup bag the cap would always fall off. Sometimes it still continues to in my train case.

The actual product is clear as described and not very thick. It is a silicone based primer. Some people will apply it with their hands, I like to apply it with a cosmetic wedge. It is more sanitary, you have more control and less mess.

This primer does go on smoothly and for the most part it feels great but it is a bit on the greasy side. For me this issue goes away once I apply my foundation. It does definitely make application smoother, it makes my foundation last longer and it makes my foundation look better.

This is the sole face primer that I use on myself. I have heard it is comparable to Smashbox's primer, I have a sample size of Smashbox's primer so I will definitely be comparing the two.

In all, I love this primer and I think for the price ($6) it is phenomenal. If you want a good face primer without splurging, this is your product.

 Your best chance of getting this product would be to buy it from Elf's website ( but you can also find it at Target stores.

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