Thursday, February 7, 2013

Weekly Beauty Tip #30: Use a BB cream

Try using a BB cream. A BB cream is a product with many uses that is meant to replace your foundation, moisturizer, primer and sunscreen. They have many skin benefits, depending on which one you get. The most common benefits are UV protection, anti wrinkle properties, even skin tone and brightening.

There are so many BB creams out there to choose from that all of the choices are probably overwhelming. I recommend skipping the American drugstore versions completely. Most of them aren't that impressive. Try going for a Korean brand such as Skin 79 or Missha. You can buy them online, I buy mine from amazon for a lot cheaper than you would from the brand website. Just make sure that whoever you buy Asian BB creams from is legit! There are fakes out there, so be careful and do some research before buying.

Tomorrow I will be posting a review of the Skin 79 Hot Pink BB cream. So keep an eye out!

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