Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pin-up Girl Photo Shoot

Some weeks back I did a pin-up girl photo shoot with a good friend of mine. I have been dying to share the pictures and finally, I have them to share! I did the hair, the makeup and I took these pictures.

The hair consists of an orange bandana, some teasing, bobby pins and a pony tail. Her hair simply would not stay in the bandana a la Rosie the Riveter. So I improvised and teased the bangs, tucked them into the bandana and just had a pony tail go out the back. It still turned out very nicely.

                                  This has to be my favorite picture from the set. She looks stunning!

Here is a better view of the face makeup.

                                                      Here is a better view of the eye makeup:
I love these lashes:

I am unsure  exactly what products I used since these were shot a while ago, but it is pretty much just a nice face to start with (primer, concealer, foundation), eyeshadow primer, white eyeshadow, black cream eyeliner, false eyelashes, some blush and bright red lipstick. To get lips like these with color that stays, follow the tips in my previous post about locking in lip color.

Here is a random shot from the photo shoot that I think is gorgeous, classy and just needed to be shared.

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