Friday, November 15, 2013

Olay Fresh Effects S'wipe Out! Makeup removal cloths Review

A while back I showed all of the products that I won from an Influenster challenge with Olay Fresh Effects. I waited a while to review this product after really getting to test it out. I have been using these makeup remover clothes for months and now I feel I can give an adequate review of them.

The S'wipe out makeup removal cloths look like any other makeup removing cloth or wipe. They come in a pouch with a peel back resealable sticker for easy open close. I like this packaging because it is easy to just grab and throw into a bag. No matter how many times I opened and closed the bag, it would still reseal like new.

There is a scent to these, it is hard to describe what they smell like, but they smell good. The packaging claims them to be refreshing which they would be if it were not for one problem: they make my eyes burn! Oh, do they make my eyes burn. If It weren't for that, I would absolutely love these. They are really good at removing all makeup. After I bear through the eye burning agony, they do remove all of my eye makeup and when I use these on my face makeup, 80 -90% of it is removed. Sometimes I can deal with the burning as long as they clean well. I'm usually ok after waiting a minute and sometimes throwing water on my face.

I'm not sure if they would burn for everyone. If you buy these, I advise you to no use them around the eyes, they will not burn anywhere else (at least they don't for me).

Overall, I do like these wipes except for the fact that they burn my eyes like crazy. I am on my 2nd package of them, I'm unsure on if I will repurchase or buy something else.

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