Monday, November 25, 2013

November Glambag Review

Finally it is time to talk about this month's Glambag! This month's bag was a very special one. It is Ipsy's birthday month, so we got 6 products (normally it is only 5) including a full sized Em Cosmetics (Ipsy founder, Michelle Phan's makeup company) product. The theme was "Glam It Up", which is perfect with the holidays just around the corner.

I liked the bag for this month, it is a super cute little gold bag that doubles as a wristlet. I was a little surprised at how thin the material it was made out of was though.

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Here are the products I received:

                                  Em Cosmetics Waterliner intense color eyeliner in Teal Tease

Everyone received one Em Cosmetics product. This was the one product I had really hoped to get. I had heard so much buzz in the Ipsy community that I was extremely curious. I'm so happy that I was given the chance to try this.

The color I got was Teal Tease, a beautiful teal color. These eyeliners are automatic (twist up, no sharpening needed). It also does have a little sponge to smudge. It is very pigmented and glides on nicely. What really surprised me: it actually stayed on my waterline! For years, no matter what I have tried, nothing will stay on my waterline. This stayed on all day without budging. I definitely plan on buying more of these. I would love to try the rose gold one.

                                                  Be a Bombshell lip crayon in Hot Damn

I really love lip crayons, but I personally was a tiny bit disappointed in what I got. I received this lip pencil in Hot Damn, a bright red. Ipsy has sent me a few red lip products before and at this point I have more than enough reds. I wish I had gotten the pink color that some people had gotten.

As disappointed by the color that I was, it is not a reflection of the product. This actually is a good product. This was easy to apply, being in pencil form but a little more difficult than other lip pencils i have tried due to the shape.

It is well pigmented. Goes on smoothly. This particular color was matte. It wasn't drying at all and it is  very light weight. I nearly forgot that I was wearing it. After the product was on for 20-30 minutes I drank some water and there was 0 transfer, it stayed put. Although I didn't get the color I preferred, this is still a great product.

                                         Nailtini straight up color nail lacquer in Caviar Cocktail

Many Ipsy subscribers have complained about constantly getting Nailtini nail polishes. I somehow had gone this long without getting one. As this being my first, I am satisfied. The bottle is  nice shape and kind of unique. The Nailtini logo sticker is on the front of the bottle and the color name on the bottle. This is a good sized product. I had a little trouble opening mine at first. The cap on it was weird, possibly screwed on wrong. But I don't think that's the usual.

Caviar Cocktail is a beautiful metallic gunmetal color. It was welcomed, as I don't have any other nail polishes of the same color. It is very pigmented, went on smoothly. The first day I had been wearing this nail polish on 1 nail I had been rearranging some things in my home and I have 0 chips. But a few days later I noticed that the nail polish was completely gone from my nail! So I am unsure of lasting power, I will need to try this polish out again to be sure.

Starlooks Gem Eye Pencil in Topaz

I love glitter! So I was excited for this. Starlooks Gem Eye pencils are very glittery eyeliners. The particular shade I got is a beautiful bright silver. This pencil is super creamy, glides on and feels amazing. It does stay on. My only complaint is there is some glitter fallout.

Pixi Bronzer in Subtly Suntouched

Lately I have been getting into using bronzers, so I was happy for this product. I'm super picky when it comes to bronzer. I use them just for contouring. I am very fair, so most of the bronzers I have tried are too dark for me and don't blend into my skin as well as I would like. That or they are too orangey or with glitter.

This bronzer is perfect for me. It is matte, which is what I look for in a bronzer. It is a very light color and not super pigmented, actually pretty sheer. The color is a tad bit darker than it appears in the pictures above. The sheerness is great for you pale skinned girls like myself. I am alright using bronzers a bit darker to contour my cheekbones, but if I were to contour my nose everything was too dark. With this bronzer, it is the perfect shade! I can now contour my nose without it looking obvious.

I absolutely love this product. The packaging is great too. It comes in a nice simple screw top package. It doesn't take up much space.

GlamGlow Youthmud tinglexfoliate treatment

This I was super excited to try. I have heard so much about GlamGlow and I have been dying to try one if their products. This was the only non full-sized product I got this month. I was impressed at the size of the tube, as this stuff is very expensive. I used this the night before a job interview, I thought that would be as good a time as any to. The mask reminds me a little bit of Lush's BB seaweed mask. It has these little pieces of what I assume is sea weed throughout. It is this grey mask with that and some little beads to exfoliate. I left the mask on for about 10 minutes. It tingled for a while. It didn't burn, but it was a unique experience. It did tighten, when the mask was on I couldn't really move my face.

As I added water to wash this mask off, it turned into an exfoliating scrub. So this is really 2 products in 1. It left my skin feeling great! Extremely soft and smooth, I didn't feel any of the roughness or little bumps that I will get some time. If not for the very steep price tag ($19 for .5 oz, $69 for 1.7 oz) , I would definitely buy this.

Over all, I absolutely loved this bag. It is probably my favorite so far.

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