Friday, September 6, 2013

Review: Lime Crime Palette D' Antoinette

As you might be able to tell, I love Lime Crime. I am a huge fan of their lipsticks and nail polishes. I spent months gazing upon their palettes until I finally decided to get one.

Palette D' Antoinette although the only Lime Crime palette I've tried has my favorite colors out of any of their palettes . I have never seen colors exactly like these anywhere else.

Just like the rest of their palettes, this one comes in a beautiful purple tin with a gold lime crime logo on the top. The tin came in a really cute box made to look like an envelope (I don't have that any more so I can't post a picture). On the bottom there is a sticker with the colors and their names. Inside of the tin the eyeshadow pans are imbedded in plastic. The tin is sturdy, but I wish this plastic were sturdier. The pans seem to be a good size. I should also mention the tin isn't bulky at all.

 (Swatched over primer)

The shades (I absolutely love the names):

Royal Flush: A bold matte pastel pink

Absintheminded: A bold matte pastel green

Macarooned: A bold matte pastel orange

Ribbonesque: A bold matte pastel purple

Mercurious: A shimmery, metallic silver

 There's a pretty design printed across the eyeshadows. All of the colors with the exception of Mercurious are matte. Although I do like Mercurious, I wish they had kept with the mattes and added a matte yellow or blue. The silver (although beautiful) looks random in this palette.

These are very pigmented eyeshadows, although Mercurious is a little less opaque. They feel very nice, not chalky at all. They glide on very smoothly. They blend really well too, I love blending Royal Flush and Macarooned.

I'm so happy that I bought this palette. Although I have many eyeshadows and try not to buy them, I am tempted to purchase the Aquataenia palette. I should point out that the matte shades match their corresponding colors of the Lime Crime nail polishes.

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