Friday, July 5, 2013

Lush Grease Lightning Review

I got a sample of this product from Lush some time ago. Within the past two years my skin has changed a bit and I get more pimples than I used to. Nothing I used got rid of them effectively or quickly, so I needed another option. I found this product on Lush's website and had to get a sample from my local store. When that sample was running low, I absolutely needed to buy this.

Grease Lightning is dubbed a tea tree cleanser by Lush. It has many uses, but it is intended for acne prone skin. It is made with tee trea and witch hazel, which is really good for acne.

I use this as a spot treatment. Whenever I see a pimple, I put a little bit of this on it and it is usually gone the next day. Nothing else has worked as well for me as Grease Lightning has. Even better, it is made without the harsh chemicals many acne medications are made with.

There  are several other uses for this product. If you have oily skin, you can use it to soak up the oil. If you have acne prone skin you can use it to prevent and treat your acne. A sales girl at Lush also recommended using this on mosquito bites. A friend of mine has tried this with several bites and it definitely works.

This is a very easy product to use, the packaging makes it this way. It comes in a pump bottle. Just pump some product from the bottle and use. A little bit goes a long way, so if you aren't applying it on large areas of your face, I recommend pumping it into a little container (such as a Lush sample jar) and applying from there with a qtip.

Yes, this product really does work and I love it. I have gotten a few friends to try it and it has worked just as well for them. It is completely worth the price and so much better for your skin. If you're a lushie and have any sort of problem that can be solved with this product, it is a must have.

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