Friday, June 7, 2013

UPDATED Review: Broadway Nails Impress Press-On Manicure

Disclaimer: All products discussed in this review were given to me complimentary from Influenster.

I know I have reviewed this product before. Since Influenster sent me another set of these, I thought I would write an updated review. This review is based upon my second time ever using Impress nails.

The design in this review is called Holla. It is such a beautiful design. A friend who also gets VoxBoxes received this design in her College VoxBox, I loved it when she wore it and I eventually planned on getting it. I was extremely happy when I not only saw a set of these in my VoxBox, but this exact design made me ecstatic.

How to apply: First select and then lay out the correct sized nail for each nail. Next, use the included alcohol prep pad to clean you nails, this helps the nails adhere better. Then begin to apply nails, just peel the plastic backing, stick and press. There you go! Remember to save the thumb nails for last.

Impress nails are a very cool product, they aren't your typical press on nails. They have beautiful colors and/or designs making it easy to have a good manicure. They are so easy to use, there isn't any dry time and best of all, they actually stay. The very first time I used these they lasted me a week, they would've lasted longer but I was ready to take them off. This time they started falling off around the one week mark.

I can't handle long nails, I just go a little crazy when my nails reach a certain length. Needless to say I was going a tad bit out of my mind when I first put this set on, so I cut them shorter. I applied these at night and waited until the next day to cut them, to make sure that they had a good amount of time to adhere to my nails. You can cut them just like your natural nails and you can file them to shape them as well. To me it is extremely important that this is possible, if I had to wear Impress nails at the length they started at I'm sure they wouldn't last as long and I would hate them. I also throughout the night continuously to firmly press down on the nails, which I think helped them adhere better. Here are the Impress nails after I cut them:

I really love these so much. They're perfect for when I don't feel like painting my nails. I wish these were around when I was in high school, they would've made the perfect manicure for my senior prom. I love these Impress press-on Manicure so much, that I actually bought a few pairs and I definitely plan on getting more in the future.

Although some previously stated, here are some tips to help your Impress manicure last:

- Absolutely be sure to use the alcohol prep pad and make sure there aren't any sort of oils left on nails
- Press firmly down on the nail once you put it on, and continue to do it throughout the day/night to help it adhere better.
- Cut nails shorter rather than keeping them long, shorter cut nails will last longer.
- They cut and file like normal nails


  1. Just started my own blog to do makeup reviews, I'm no professional by any means but am all for experimenting with makeup :) Love ur blog!!

    1. Thank you so much! You seriously made my day with your comment :). You don't have to be a professional to blog, you just need to have a passion, which it looks like you have. Good luck with your blog, I'm sure you will do a great job!