Friday, April 5, 2013

Review: Lime Crime Nail Polish

This is a review I've been meaning to do for a while, but as I try to do with every review I waited until I had tested out these nail polishes enough to give a good, honest and detailed review.

I am pretty obsessed with Lime Crime. When I saw that they had nail polish and even more when I saw the colors I absolutely had to have them. There are 7 colors in the collection and I have all of them but Milky Ways (An off white sort of color) and Peaches <3 Cream (a pastel orange).

The colors I do have are Parfait Day (pastel pink), Crema De Limon (pastel yellow), Once In A Blue Mousse (pastel blue), Pastelchio (pastel green) and Lavendairy (pastel purple).
The colors are absolutely beautiful and very vibrant. They are perfect for spring. Lime Crime even has lipsticks that correspond with some of the nail polish colors.

The packaging is cute, which I have come to expect from Lime Crime. Each bottle features a purple logo containing the words Lime Crime and a unicorn. The bottom of each bottle has the name of the shade. Lookwise these are my favorite nail polishes to display.

Now onto the product itself. Each color is very opaque. Application can be streaky but that is very common with light/pastel colors. The lasting power is great, but not perfect. I did have some minor chips within a few days, but at the one week point most of the nail polish is still in tact.  
 Here are the nail polishes on my nails. Please keep in mind that I am a professional at applying makeup, not nail polish. I am not the best at painting my nails.

There are two problems I have with these nail polishes. First off (although very minor) is the way some of the pigmentation will settle at the top after a while. This is easily fixed with a good shake of the bottle though. My next complaint is the size of the bottles. They are very small! I wish they were at least a little bigger. For the price, the size isn't too bad. I bought all of mine through Ebay which in the end was a little more expensive, but at the time it was the easiest way for me to buy them.

I love these nail polishes so much, I wish the lasting power was a tad bit better though. They can be difficult (and expensive) to get but it is so worth it, especially for the spring. The colors are pretty unique, the only identical dupe that I know of is for Crema De Limon ( China Glaze's Lemon Fizz).

In all these are beautiful polishes, they are good quality and they are perfect for spring. If you want to buy Lime Crime's nail polish, you can buy it directly from Lime Crime (, from ebay ( or amazon (

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