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Geek Chic Cosmetics Eyeshadow Review

I love Indie makeup brands. In my experience they always have the coolest products. I am always searching for new ones, which brought me to Geek Chic Cosmetics. The name itself caught my eye. I admit proudly that I'm a nerd. So when I found this brand, I was super excited to check it out. When I started looking around their website ( I instantly fell in love.

Geek Chic Cosmetics specializes in handmade cruelty free, gluten free and filler free makeup with a geeky twist. All products are free of parabens, talc, non-organic preservatives and bismuth oxychloride. They have many different products including foundation, blush, lipsticks (dubbed Joysticks) and eye shadows. Most products are vegan. Each product is made to order, although it takes longer to get I think that is very cool.

Their eye shadow collections are what drew me in the most. They have many different collections based on different geeky pop culture things. When I saw that they have a line based on my favorite movie, The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Science Fiction Double Feature) I absolutely needed to try Geek Chic Cosmetics.

I ordered four eye shadow samples and one full sized eyeshadow. They include a free sample with every order as well. I love that samples are offered (at only $1.25). I would recommend ordering some samples, some of the colors look a bit different than in the swatches on their website. 
                                      In different lighting:

I love the little business card that was included. 


Today I will be reviewing and swatching all of the eye shadows that I got from Geek Chic. The lighting in my house is horrible, which is why I don't do many posts with swatches. My swatches don't completely do the eye shadows justice, they are so much more beautiful in person. 

The full sized eye shadow I bought is As You Wish... From the Story Book Love collection. Each eye shadow comes in a clear plastic jar with labels at the top indicating the collection name and labels on the bottom indicating the color name and ingredients. There is a sifter in each jar, which makes the product easier to work with. Overall, great packaging. 

Now the samples. Each sample comes in a plastic clam shell. I really do like how they are packaged, it is so much better than just coming in plastic bags.  Each sample has a label like the ones at the bottom of the full sized jars. I did end up transferring my samples to different containers though, to make them easier to use.

I bought We Are Coming, Rose Tint My World, The Spider, Viking King and The Trickster was given to me as a free sample. With each swatch below, the product over primer is on the right, the product without primer is on the left.

Rose Tint My World from the Science Fiction Double Feature (Rocky Horror Picture Show based) line. The name certainly influenced my decision to sample this particular eyeshadow,  Rose Tint My World is probably my favorite song from Rocky Horror.  Such a beautiful and unique color. I  definitely want the full sized. 

We Are Coming from the Timey Wimey collection (based on Doctor Who). I absolutely love Doctor Who and this eye shadow definitely fits with the different colored glitter. I can see myself using this color a lot.

The Spider from the Win or Die  collection (based on Game of Thrones). This is another collection, being a Game of Thrones fan that I needed to check out. It is a very lovely color. 

Viking King from the Fangbangers Quartet collection (based on True Blood). True Blood is my favorite show, this was the second collection that I saw that I absolutely needed to try. Not only is Viking King named after one of my favorite characters (Erik Northman), but it is such a beautiful gold color. 

The Trickster from the Superneutrals (Supernatural based) collection. I was so happy when I found out that this was my free sample. I have started watching  Supernatural and I wear neutral eye shadow colors a lot.

I waited a few weeks to write this review. I like with any review to give myself time to test the product so I can give a  thorough and honest review. After a few weeks of use  I have come to these conclusions. Every single eye shadow is very pigmented and buildable. They blend  and glide on so well. The formula feels great. They didn't wear off of crease whenever I wore them.

I love these eye shadows so much and they definitely exceeded my expectations. Every color turned out to be beautiful and well worth the money. Someday I will for sure purchase full sizes of some of these. There are other products I want to try as well.

I love Geek Chic Cosmetics, they are one of the coolest and most fun brands I have ever used. It makes me so happy that I found a brand that combines my love of makeup with the love of some of the many fandoms I'm a part of.  They make me even more proud to be geeky and chic. If you are a part of the fandoms mentioned in this post or any other that Geek Chic has a product based on, you need to try it.

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