Friday, January 11, 2013

Holiday haul!

Here is my very delayed next haul post! This is all of the makeup that I got for Christmas.There are also some mini reviews in here.

I got the first Urban Decay Naked Palette as I mentioned in a previous post. It came with a mini primer potion. This is what the gorgeous palette looks like:

I will eventually write a review on both Naked Palettes, so keep an eye out for that!

The next thing I got is this E.L.F palette:

I really like this palette. It is pretty compact and you can fold out the drawer, it's really good for if you're in a rush and you need some makeup all in one place. The pigmentation in this was better than I expected, but I haven't had too much of a chance to play around with this yet so I can't completely comment on pigmentation. I would recommend getting this if you want some sort of compact kit to keep in your car, in a bag or in a drawer.

The next palettes I got were the E.L.F Glitter Eye Palette and the E.L.F Natural Eye Palette.

I am putting these two palettes together because they are similar, just with different colors. I haven't had much of a chance to use the Natural Eye Palette, but I have used the Glitter Eye Palette. The Glitter Eye Palette really disappointed me. It is not very pigmented. If there was more pigmentation it would be a great palette. I love E.L.F, but sadly this is the case with some of their palettes. A while back I bought the big limited edition Studio Spring Palette on clearance. I was really glad I didn't pay full price because the colors weren't pigmented at all. I wish E.L.F would step up their game and make more pigmented palettes.

Here is my next palette, E.L.F Sinister Smoky Eyes

This palette is from a series of Limited Edition Disney villain palettes that were released around Halloween exclusively at Walgreens. I had wanted to get one but sadly I could not get to a Walgreens. I was ecstatic when my best friend got me this palette for Christmas. I haven't used many of the shadows yet, but so far I love everything about this. It is a beautiful palette. I love the design and I really love the eyelashes it comes with. I have seen other bloggers complain about the pigmentation of this palette. So far I have only used the two colors that you see in the top left corner, and I didn't have any problems with them.

Last but not least, this set of E.L.F eyeliners:

I am so glad I could finally do this post, I have had it planned out for some time now. I was going to have one giant post of everything I got from people and of the things I bought after Christmas, but I'm going to break it up. There will definitely be some more haul posts coming up! I am in the process of taking pictures for them so stay tuned! 

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