Friday, December 7, 2012

Review: Lime Crime lipsticks

Finally, here it is! My review of Lime Crime's lipsticks! This will be a review of the product only and not about any of the controversy with this company. I don't care about any of the controversy, I only care how the product preforms, which is the most important thing.

I should have said this in previous posts, I am still learning how to take good pictures of swatches, products and packaging. I am also not able to use my really good camera at this time so my pictures aren't the best. Please be forgiving, I haven't been doing reviews with swatches and such for all that long.

I own 3 Lime Crime lipsticks in Retrofuturist, Centrifuchsia, and Poisonberry.

Lime Crime lipsticks come in this box:

I love these boxes, they are so girly and cute. I also love how you can put 2 of the boxes together and get this:

The lipsticks themselves of course match the boxes.

I love, love, love the packaging of these. The lipsticks come in a purple tube with Lime Crime and a holographic unicorn. Some people would probably be embarrassed to be seen with makeup packaging that looks like this, but this just screams me.

The names of each color are at the bottom.

For a size comparison, here is a Lime Crime lipstick tube next to a MAC lipstick tube.

Here is Retrofuturist. My camera gave this color an orange undertone, but this is a bright and true red.

This is my favorite lipstick ever.

Here is Poisonberry. Don't let the color in the tube deceive you. When applied, Poisonberry is a beautiful and flattering berry color. It is very buildable so you could probably build up the color to get a deep purple.

Here is Centrifuchsia, a deep pink/fuchsia color.

I don't have lip swatches for these today, I will probably post some lip swatches of these as I wear them more. For now here are some hand swatches.

Top to bottom: Retrofuturist, Poisonberry and Centrifuchsia. Retrofuturist is a bright true red, not orangy. The Poisonberry swatch is pretty spot on and the Centrifuchsia looks a tad bit different.

I love these lipsticks. They are very creamy and pigmented. I am very impressed with the staying power, they last most of the day if not all day without reapplying. They also leave a stain behind which I love.

Top to bottom: Retrofuturist, Poisonberry and Centrifuchsia.

They smell like vanilla, but the smell isn't overpowering. As I mentioned with Poisonberry they are very buildable, which is nice when you want a subtle color. 

Lime Crime has so many different lipstick colors, many in colors that you won't normally find such as yellow and green. I do plan on getting another one of these as well as some other Lime Crime products. Lime Crime has a very good range of products which you can find at .

I own almost all of the Lime Crime nail polishes (I need 2 more!) I have not tried them yet, but once I try one there will be a review. I am dying to try the new Velvetines in Red Velvet as well. Hopefully soon or after the holidays I will be able to get one and have a review of it.

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