Thursday, November 22, 2012

Review: OCC Lip Tar

Hello lovelies! I hope you are all having a wonderful Thanksgiving! I have a little treat for you tonight, I am waiting for some Black Friday deals on amazon so I thought I would post this review now instead of waiting for the end of next week.

Yesterday on a trip to Sephora my assistant/test model (my friend who helps me out with this blog and acts as my model. You can see her in several pictures on this blog) bought me my very first OCC lip tar. I have been looking at these for a very long time online and I was very excited that I was able to finally try it out.

I got it in the shade of Anime, this is the perfect shade for me. Not only is it a beautiful bright pink color  (I love bold lip colors) but I am also very into anime.

This is how the product was packaged. It comes in a very handy plastic pouch along with a mini lip brush. I really love the packaging, it is super easy to transport and contains everything you need to apply it except a mirror. The tube is small, it seems too small but it isn't at all. It is the perfect size and I will get into why later on in this review.

Here are some better views of the product and the brush:

 There is a little guide showing you how to use the product as well. It is extremely useful if you have never tried a lip tar before. 

Now onto the product itself. I completely get all of the hype. This is an amazing lip product. The consistency is creamy when it goes on and it dries soft and matte. It is very lightweight, you will forget that it's actually there. The pigmentation is awesome and very bold. The lasting power is amazing and so much better than I expected. I put it on this morning, ate and drank at Thanksgiving dinner and it is still in tact!

When you use this product, only use the very tiniest bit. There is so much pigmentation that you do not need much product. It is very trial and error with the lip tars. Make sure not to use too much, you can always add more easier than you can subtract. OCC's website ( says that if you use the amount of this product that you would with a traditional lip gloss, it will be enough to paint your entire face. They aren't joking either. I cannot stress enough that you should use the tiniest bit. If the product  bleeds or feathers, you have used too much. Even though this tube is little, you use the smallest amount of product so it will last a long time. 

To use the OCC lip tar gently squeeze the smallest amount of product onto the brush it comes with and paint your lips from the center out. The brush itself I thought was great. It made application more precise and easy. After you are done, wash your brush ASAP. Otherwise you will have a very hard time cleaning it off. I also recommend applying a moisturizing lip balm before applying and allow it to sink into your lips a bit.

Here is what Anime looks like on my lips, it is more neon in person:


Overall I am in love with this product! It is definitely worth the price. It also comes in so many different shades and OCC continues to debut new ones. You can now purchase this at Sephora in store or online. When I went to my local Sephora they only had 4 shades available, there are many more online. You can also purchase them from OCC's own website (listed above). I know I will definitely be getting many more of these!

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